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Inventory Management & Supply Chain Solutions

Inventory management seems to plague the operation and hamper the financial success of more enterprises than any other issue. Typically more money is spent on inventory than on any other asset and it seems to be the least controllable and least understood. The key to managing inventory is to first understand that it really is an asset (with diminishing value) but if managed correctly can be the most strategically important asset in your entire arsenal. Our process gets to the causality of inventory and remedies those activities which needlessly drive direct and indirect spend. Our veteran practitioners will:

  • Create an inventory acquisition analysis
  • Create an accountability matrix
  • Examine all key processes for causality (find & plug the holes)
  • Make the appropriate recommendations for process modification
  • Create organizational inventory metrics
  • Develop key operational ratios defining the relationship of inventory to customer satisfaction and functional performance
  • Create a strategic inventory deployment plan

Our success in this area has yielded great financial benefit to our clients

Minimum Expectations

  • 30-50 % reduction in total inventory
  • 50% reduction in acquisition and handling costs
  • Elimination of stock outs and stoppages